Trees For Life

For the past 23 years, Trees for Life has been playing a part in decreasing global poverty and hunger. They address these looming issues, one tree at a time.

Since its establishment, Trees for Life has planted more than 30 million fruit trees in developing countries. These trees help to provide a self-sustaining economy by producing fruit which can be sold in the community.

The organization has a three-fold focus: education, health and environment.

In addition to spreading seeds, Trees for Life has established other programs to further this goal. These include providing books to those without access to educational materials, subsidizing cook stoves for those suffering from the effects of excessive smoke inhalation, and promoting soil regeneration.

The organization also works to spread awareness about the benefits of the Moringa tree. Moringa leaves contain more calcium, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Protein and Potassium than oranges, milk, carrots and bananas can provide. By harnessing this nutrition.


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