Institute of Jewish, Christian & Islam

The Institute of Jewish, Christian & Islamic Studies was ahead of its time.

Today, organizations which promote inter-faith dialogue can be found in most major US cities.

As recently as ten years ago, this wasn’t the case.

Established in 1993, the Institute of Jewish, Christian & Islamic Studies was the first of its kind to be founded within the United States.

The ANC Foundation worked with the Institute from the beginning and funded the start up costs.

The Institute was a springboard for interfaith dialogue. It provided a safe, positive and receptive environment for dialogue between members of the three major Western religions.

In addition to providing a neutral forum for discussion, the Institute sponsored conferences, seminars, public lectures and secondary school educational activities.

In October of 1994, the Institute joined with the Office of Religious Life and Princeton University. The result was a conference entitled “God for US Today: Jews, Christians and Muslims in Conversation.”


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