Four Peaks Little League

Education is essential for personal development and extracurricular activities like sports are a vital part of every student’s education. They’re more than just a means for physical exercise; the personal and social benefits of structured games lead the way to a well balanced personality and education.

Sports encourage children to explore their talents and to feel good about themselves by them mastering something that they enjoy. Additionally, they provide an environment which promotes stress relief as well as physical exercise.

Organized sports help children develop leadership skills and to learn the value of time management, preparation and long-term thinking.

Finally, athletic organizations provide a community for a child to belong to. They promote diversity, teamwork and help to develop interpersonal communication skills.

The ANC Foundation believes that every child should be able to participate in an athletic league for all of these reasons. In Arizona, the Four Peaks Little League provides underprivileged children with that opportunity.

Chris Sorenson is a Board Member of the Four Peaks Little League. He explains the benefits of being on a baseball team: “Being involved with Little League not only benefits the youth's physical fitness by being active, it can also teach various responsibilities that will be used throughout a person’s life,” said Sorenson. “Being part of a team and being able to accomplish a task within a group is critical. Being on time to practices and games instills a quality that should carry over for anything the participant will do.”

The ANC Foundation is proud to be a sponsor of the Four Peaks Little League. Congratulations to the 2007 Championship Team!


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