Cattle Rehabilitation Venture (CRV)

Team Member Report
September 15, 2011

Dear Friends, Supporters, and Well Wishers:

I hope everyone is doing well and has enjoyed the summer.

I just returned from a nine week trip; eight of which were spent in Pakistan. There I was able to spend most of my time on the Cattle Rehabilitation Venture (CRV). The recipients live in the Layyah area and after my visit with some of them; the serious significance of this project became evident. It is not uncommon to encounter a family with two out of three children with special needs. It's unimaginable when you have healthy children what it's like every day for that child, for those parents. There are even parents who suffer from disabilities.

With all that we have, I'm not sure if I can properly convey how one cow literally changes the attitude and life of a human being, of one family, of a community. Cattle are vital to their lives because it is their means of earning income.

I met a young man during my trip. His name is Muhammad Nawaz.

His parents told me that before they received the cow, he would barely smile, he'd stay in the same clothes for days. They didn't know how to erase his sadness. However, ever since their cow was given to them; he has taken ownership of it declaring the cow is his. That cow is his reason to wake up every day with a smile, his reason to be alive.

As the project has started to develop, supporters have found us which can further CRV. Beyond providing cattle, there needs to be an understanding of nutrition and care for them. Nestle Pakistan, a major national dairy has started providing free Advisory Services. The families of local politicians have become very supportive, which can help the project grow with local support. MPA and MNA from different parties have come forward to lend a helping hand.

Hopefully others will join to support this project. Over 21,000 cattle were lost during the August 2011floods in the Bedin area.

We need to continue to support this program and supply as many as cattle we can.

We've also come to learn that fodder supply is a challenge. Many families do not have any land to grow fodder on or have the resources to secure enough to feed their cow. We have started working with the Local Governments so that they will lease 1-2 acres of land, at a nominal rent. This way the families who do not own any land can grow their own fodder.

The floods are not something of the past, they are still occurring. More than 4.5 million acres of land has been flooded since last month. This year alone, over 1 million homes have been destroyed or damaged. Crop and livestock continues to be lost in the floods.

Please spread words to friends to support this great cause.


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