Community Based Projects

ANC has been providing ongoing support to organizations that have a long lasting impact on the people and communities they affect. Particularly transforming children’s lives.

ANC Foundation has supported
Four Peaks Little League for many years. Sports can have many positive impacts on a child including, social, psychological and academic. Children are so very important in society and nurturing them to become strong, caring, and giving individuals is essential.

Trees for Life is an organization that is focused on developing and providing tools of empowerment to local community leaders who can create harmony among others. Tens of millions of trees have been planted and families have gained financial success, a better quality of life, a greater sense of community and helping one another. Communities have been positively changed with this tree giving and planting project.

The Somerset Home for Temporarily Displaced Children has been helping homeless children, teen, and families since the 1970s. They assist over 500 children, teens, and families each year. Since inception, this organization has successfully identified and transitioned individuals and families from a feeling of hopelessness to being open to the possibilities of the future.


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