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The Citizen's Foundation
The Citizen's Foundation

The Citizen’s Foundation works to promote education, self-confidence and literacy throughout Pakistan. Since 1997, they have established more than 450 primary and secondary schools in the poorest regions of the country.

Literacy and education have a far-reaching impact on a society. Studies have shown a negative correlation between infant mortality and the mother’s level of education. In addition, education also leads to marriages later in life and smaller families.

Literate citizens have more self confidence, are less able to be taken advantage of, possess better money management skills and are more productive. Research shows that a 20 – 30 percent increase in literacy can lead to an 8 – 16 percent gain in Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

The ANC Foundation believes in the value of education and supports the work of the Citizen’s Foundation. As such, Akram Choudhry and the ANC Foundation donated $25,000 to support the construction of a primary school in Rehmatabad, a village on the outskirts of Faisalabad, Punjab, in Pakistan.

The project would not have been possible without the financial and moral support of Dr. Asim R. Malik & his family and the dedication of Dr. Waheed and Dr. Raana Akbar, who also made a donation in the amount of $25,000. After the construction was completed, professionals at the Citizen’s Foundation utilized the facility to its full potential. The school has been running successfully for several years.

Seeing how well the initial Rehmatabad school fared, other donors contributed land and funds to complete the construction of another primary school, four miles away.

In 2007, another group of donors supported the construction of a High School, where students are attending today.

Dr. Akbar has been heavily involved in the construction of all of these schools and is currently seeking to build a fourth. Rehmatabad is rapidly becoming a suburb. Because of the efforts of people like Dr. Akbar and the staff of the Citizen’s Foundation, it is now a place where a child is ensured a good education. The ANC Foundation is proud to have had a hand in that.


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