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The ANC Foundation is a non-profit organization under the laws of the State of New Jersey.


About ANC Foundation

At the ANC Foundation, we feel that every person is entitled to the opportunity to pursue education, to seek personal growth and to secure gainful employment. Unfortunately, such an idea seems out of reach to millions of people who lack necessities as basic as food, clothing, shelter and health care.

Poverty and illiteracy are enormous problems. In developing countries, 820 million people are starving to death. Lack of education is even more rampant. In 2000, the United Nations reported that one in five adults over the age of fifteen is illiterate. That’s approximately 860 million people.

The ANC Foundation works for the alleviation of poverty and illiteracy. We seek to provide opportunities for the pursuit of education and self-sustenance. By supporting areas such as agricultural training, micro-credits and education programs, our goal is to bridge gaps and promote social and economic improvement.

One of our focuses is providing children with every opportunity for development and personal enrichment. It has been said time and again that children are our future. It is our desire to enrich their lives so that they are more enlightened, motivated, productive and ready and willing to take on the challenges the world presents them with; and thus changing the world we live in.

The World Heath Organization reports that 6.2 million people died from cancer in 2000. This does not include the millions who were diagnosed with the disease and will spend an indefinite number of years fighting it.

The ANC Foundation is an adamant supporter of medical research and health care. Through research scholarships and education and advocacy support, we seek to provide continuous hope to the many suffers of the disease and prevent many more from ever having to suffer.

Since its establishment in 1987, the ANC Foundation has donated thousands of dollars to organizations which work to alleviate poverty, promote education and fight disease.

Akram Choudhry, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the ANC Foundation, sees this and all altruistic work as essential:

“God has given humans the ability to help each other. Animals do many of the same things that we humans do. They eat, have children, need shelter, and so on, but if an animal gets hurt, it can’t help another animal. If we don’t help each other, then we are no different from animals.”

For nearly twenty years, the ANC Foundation has been helping fellow humans. We have been an integral part of a food bank. We have constructed a school where students not only utilize their minds but learn to use their hearts. Partnered with APPNA (Association of Pakistani Physicians of North America), the ANC Foundation also helped to launch the Human Development Foundation of North America (HDF), whose major focus is preventative health care, primary education, drought relief and micro credits.

We hope that you will take the time to learn more about what we do at the ANC Foundation. It takes many hands to achieve a goal. We are always grateful for others who choose to join us in our quest to promote positive change in our world.


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